Power House is a male residential extended care facility

Thank you for choosing Power House. Founded in 1982, Power House is located in Gonzales, Louisiana, just outside of Baton Rouge. A 12 step based program that marries therapeutic techniques with volunteer service commitments and recreational activities. Power House is geared towards young men ages 17 and up that have completed primary treatment and are ready to slowly assimilate back into society. Our highly competent and caring staff are comprised of licensed Clinical Social Workers, Masters Level Social Workers, and licensed Addiction Counselors. Check out our Program Overview for more information.


  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age.             unnamed-16
  • Participated in a primary treatment program.
  • Alcohol and drug free at time of admission (with exception to prescribed medication).
  • Complete phone interview with Power House staff.
  • Agree to abide by all rules and expectations.
  • Motivated to change and willing to actively participate in his own recovery.

           Please contact us for current bed availability.